Our visitors often comment on the friendliness of our residents and workers, and we’re so proud of that. 

This week is National Travel & Tourism Week, when we celebrate the positive impact this industry has on our economy, small businesses, real estate, and our quality of life. For us, tourism has a $2.8 billion local impact, and is the top driver of our economy. It helps keep our taxes low, our property values up, our beaches renourished, and our amenities abundant.   

Over one-third of jobs in Beaufort County are in the tourism sector. We talked to a few of the 36,919 workers who are employed in our hospitality sector about how and why they’ve made a satisfying career for themselves and their families in hospitality. Click here to listen. 

To our hospitality professionals, thanks for all you do. Hats off to our residents who understand that they call it the #1 island, and we’re fortunate to call it home.