A headshot of Bill Miles.
Bill Miles
President & CEO
A headshot of Connie Kilmar.
Connie Kilmar
Assistant to the President


A headshot of Charlie Clark.
Charlie Clark
Vice President of Communications
A headshot of Hallie Martin.
Hallie Martin
Communications Manager
A headshot of Lilly Strickland.
Lilly Strickland
Visual Content Manager
Megan Goheen
Visual Communications Coordinator

Finance & Administration

A headshot of Kelly McCallister.
Kelly McCallister
Assistant Controller
A headshot of Ray Deal.
Ray Deal

Membership, Workforce & Education

A headshot of Beverly Maloney.
Beverly Maloney
Senior Membership Account Executive
A headshot of Kelli Brunson.
Kelli Brunson
Events Manager
A headshot of Kim Nelson.
Kim Nelson
Sales Manager
Laura Higgins holding the door open to a building.
Laura Higgins
Programs Assistant
Michelle Pivik
Director of Membership
Vanessa Capehart
Membership Account Executive

Visitor & Convention Bureau

A headshot of Ariana Pernice.
Ariana Pernice
Vice President of the Visitor & Convention Bureau
A headshot of Cristian Slaton.
Cristian Slaton
Research & Digital Marketing Coordinator
A headshot of Kathy Winings.
Kathy Winings
Information Specialist
A headshot of Kayla Boyter.
Kayla Boyter
Director of Marketing
A headshot of Linda Lanier.
Linda Lanier
Information Specialist
Robin Bridgers
Group Sales Coordinator
Seth Richardson
Director of Sales and Partnership Management
A headshot of Zack Shedd.
Zack Shedd
Multi Media Sales Manager