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November 8 General Election Candidates

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*Denotes the incumbent.  

(D) is the democratic candidate 

(R) is the republican candidate 




  • Joe Cunningham (D)
  • Henry McMaster* (R)


Secretary of State

  • Rosemounda Peggy Butler (D)
  • Mark Hammond* (R)


Attorney General

  • Alan Wilson* (R)


 State Superintendent of Education

  • Lisa Ellis (D)
  • Ellen Weaver (R)


 Commissioner of Agriculture

  • Hugh Weathers* (R)
  • David Edmond (Green)
  • Chris Nelums  (United Citizens)


State Treasurer

  • Curtis Loftis* (R)
  • Sarah Work (Alliance)


Comptroller General                        

  • Richard Eckstrom* (R)


U.S. Senate 

  • Krystle Matthews (D)
  • Tim Scott* (R) 


 U.S. House of Representatives, District 01

  • Nancy Mace* (R)
  • Annie   Andrews (D)
  • Lucus Devan Faulk (Labor)
  • Joseph Oddo (Alliance)


U.S. House of Representatives, District 06

  • James E. Clyburn* (D)
  • Duke Buckner (R)


State House of Representatives, District 118      

  • Bill Herbkersman* (R)


State House of Representatives, District 120      

  • Weston Newton* (R)


State House of Representatives, District 121

  • Michael F. Rivers Sr.* (D)  
  • Eric J. Erickson (R)


State House of Representatives, District 123      

  • Jeff Bradley* (R)


State House of Representatives, District 124      

  • Shannon Erickson* (R)
  • Barb Nash (D)


 Beaufort County


  • PJ Tanner* (R)



  • David Cadd (R)


County Treasurer                 

  • Maria Walls* (R)


County Council, District 2

  • David Bartholomew (R)
  • Marilyn Harris (D)


 County Council, District 4

  • Alice G. Howard* (R)


 County Council, District 5

  • Joseph Passiment* (R)


 County Council, District 6

  • Alphonso Small Jr. (D)
  • Anna Maria “Tab” Tabernik (R)


 County Council, District 8

  • Paula Brown (R)


 County Council, District 9

  • Mark Lawson* (R)


 County Council, District 11

  • Cathy McClellan (D)
  • Tommy Reitz (R)


Hilton Head Island Mayor 

  • Thomas J. Cleary, III 
  • JoAnn Orischak 
  • Alan R. Perry 
  • Michael Santomauro 



  • Stephen C. Arnold 
  • Patsy Brison 



  • Tamara Becker* 
  • Kim Likins 



  • Steve Alfred 
  • Chuck Dowd


District 5

  • No candidate has filed; Write-In

District 7

  • Tommie Broderick
  • Rachel Wisnefski *

District 8

  • Carlton Dallas

District 10

  • Melvin Campbell*
  • Elizabeth Hey
  • Peter Kristian

Your Elected Officials

Click on the links below to find out more about your elected officials for the Southern Beaufort County Delegation. 

Find your elected officials and districts by clicking here.

U.S. Senate

Senator Lindsey Graham

Senator Tim Scott 

U.S. House of Representatives 

Rep. Nancy Mace 

State Senate 

Sen. Tom Davis 

State Representatives 

District 118

Bill Herbkersman

District 120

Weston Newton 

District 123

Jeff Bradley 

Beaufort County Council

Find your district here

Joseph Passiment, Chair, District 6

D. Paul Sommerville, Vice Chair, District 2

Gerald Dawson, District 1

York Glover, Sr., District 3

Alice G. Howard, District 4

Brian E. Flewelling, District 5

Logan Cunningham, District 7

Chris Hervochon, District 8

Mark Lawson, District 9

Lawrence P. McElynn, District 10

Stewart H. Rodman, District 11

Beaufort County School Board

Find your district here

Christina Gwozdz, Chair, District 9

Melvin Campbell, Vice Chair, District 10

David Striebinger, Secretary, District 2

Earl Campbell, District 1

William Smith, District 3

Tricia Fidrych, District 4

Richard Geier, District 5

Angela Middleton, District 6

Rachel Wisnefski, District 7

Cathy Robine, District 8

Ingrid Boatright, District 11

Bluffton Town Council

Lisa Sulka, Mayor

Fred Hamilton, Mayor Pro-Tempore 

Larry Toomer, Council Member

Bridgette Frazier, Council Member

Dan Wood, Council Member

Hilton Head Island Town Council

Find your ward here.

John J. McCann , Mayor

William (Bill) D. Harkins, Mayor Pro-Tem, Ward 2

Alex Brown, Ward 1

David Ames, Ward 3

Tamara Becker, Ward 4

Thomas W. Lennox, Ward 5

Glenn Stanford, Ward 6