Dear All, 

Success rarely flies solo. Whether you’re climbing Mt. Everest or launching a business, you surround yourself with a team of people that help make it happen. I’m honored to say that you’re one of those people.
We’ve been selected as a finalist for the National Chamber of the Year.  Our partnership with you, our members, is what makes that possible. To say we’re “punching above our weight” would be an understatement — our competitors for the honor are Dallas and Portland, Oregon — both chambers from large metropolitan areas that are widely recognized for excellence.  The fact that we’re in the running with such lofty competition speaks volumes about the work we accomplish alongside our members as well as the leadership of our board and the strong support of our community.
We’re in it to win it and are up for a little friendly competition. Check out the video below. In-person interviews this month with a panel of seasoned chamber professionals will determine the winning chamber and we’re ready for them. They look at the nuts and bolts of our operation such as financial transparency, program offerings, and community impact, but they also look for chambers that are on the cutting edge of leadership, and whose innovation rises to the top.
It sounds cliché, but we’re truly honored to be a finalist and we hope you are as well. It’s your award just as much as it is ours and we’re proud to partner with our business community.


Bill Miles,
President & CEO | Hilton Head Island-Bluffton Chamber of Commerce