Beginning Post Date 06/23/2017 Ending Post Date 08/23/2019

Job Description • Provide critical care services to medically fragile students as assigned. • Administers medications from physicians' orders. • Maintains medication records and reports. • Assist with personal hygiene tasks for assigned student(s). • Maintain effective communication with medical, nursing, and district personnel. • Manages and provides health room services, including first aid and CPR, according to established procedures. • Performs medical procedures ordered by students' physicians. • Provides guidance and counseling in the area of health to students, staff, and parents according to professional standards. • Maintains accurate nurse's notes and records, including summaries of services provided. • Reports all cases of diagnosed or suspected communicable disease to the necessary agencies. • Maintains an inventory of health room supplies. • Reports environmental conditions which may adversely affect the safety and health of the students and staff. • Performs other duties assigned by the school district or Source4Teachers


• Must be a Registered Nurse or a Licensed Practical Nurse
• Criminal Background Check
• Tuberculosis test


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