Long Cove Club


Long Cove Club is seeking to hire a part-time Realtor Relations Manager to build, implement and support a multifaceted program to inform, motivate and support the Hilton Head Island/Bluffton Realtor community. The principal goal is to increase awareness of Long Cove Club’s unique attributes so as to improve market perception of homes for sale and Long Cove Club’s premier lifestyle. This position will be part-time with the potential for full-time. Long Cove Club will not hire an active Realtor for this position. Salary commensurate with experience and abilities. Responsibilities: 1. Identify and segment the Hilton Head Island/Bluffton Realtor community. Confirm general level of existing knowledge about Long Cove Club among Realtor community. 2. Create and maintain Realtor and prospective member database. 3. Build and implement a plan to educate, update and motivate Realtors. 4. Develop and maintain positive relationships with the local real estate community through hosting community tours, awareness meetings (breakfasts) and Hilton Head Areas Association of Realtors membership. 5. Frequently visit local real estate offices to deliver newsletters and community marketing material - is available to give presentations during Real Estate office sales meetings if needed. 6. Manage and expand the current Long Cove Club ambassador “experience” program. 7. Communicate to current Long Cove Members on ways to be better ambassadors for the Club. 8. Work with Director of Marketing & Communications on ways to build and expand realtor collateral and supporting materials. Identify and build current member “testimonials” to use for prospective members. 9. Design and implement real estate performance metrics, goals and reporting which includes tracking realtor and prospective member visits and website hits. Create an “annual report” to share with current Members on the success of the LCC marketing strategic plan. 10. Create innovative approaches to stimulate Realtor interest in Long Cove Club. 11. Develop creative ideas to enhance the Long Cove brand. 12. Constantly looks for ways to improve and promote a quality message from Long Cove Club. 13. Develop strategies to overcome perception challenges, analyze competitive environment and identify external/internal threats and opportunities. Adapt strategy to changing conditions. Additional Responsibilities: 1. Work with Director of Marketing and Communications on content for Realtor and Prospective Member Newsletters. 2. Provide tours of the Community for Realtors and prospective members. 3. Organize Realtor Outings and the Realtor incentive program. 4. Attend Marketing Committee meetings and report on monthly statistics.


Professional & Personal Attributes:
A highly motivated self-starter with experience in developing and maintaining relationships with individuals and sales driven professionals. Exhibits a warm, receptive and responsive demeanor and is perceived as someone who “is a pleasure to work with.” Assures client satisfaction. Applies useful creative thinking techniques and skills that lead to thinking outside of the box. A successful applicant should also demonstrate the following competencies:
1. Approach others in a tactful manner, reacts well under pressure and treats others with respect and consideration.
2. Demonstrate attention to detail, accuracy and thoroughness. Uses time efficiently.
3. Exceptional customer service, interpersonal and communication skills.
4. Displays passion and optimism and inspires respect and trust.
5. Includes appropriate people in decision-making process and displays willingness to make timely decisions.
6. A team player – willing to work closely with General Manager, Director of Marketing & Communications and Marketing Committee on ways to expand, build and implement the Realtor Relations Program.
7. Proficient in Microsoft Office programs – experience with Google analytics; website management is a plus, but not required.


Additional Notes:
This position will be part-time with the potential for full-time. Long Cove Club will not hire an active Realtor for this position. Salary commensurate with experience and abilities.

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