This job works up to 5 days/week, Monday through Friday during the hours of about 4am to 9am. This position also offers an opportunity to double as a regular temporary driver to deliver packages in which you would have to be able to drive a manual transmission vehicle and meet a few other eligibility requirements. The job involves constant walking, loading and/or unloading packages giving the employee an easy way to stay in shape. It’s like getting paid to work out! Please go to the select "Manage My Applications and Employment Forms" at the top of the page, then login with your email address and password. You will need to then click “select” on your application. Fill out all 6 parts/pages then check the schedule for appointments online. There is currently a tour scheduled for 7:30am on Tuesday, June 13, 2017.


• Ability to lift up to 70lbs
• Excellent Attention to Detail
• Ability to work in a fast pace environment

Salary: $11.00

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