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Hurricane Preparedness

Weather Event Preparedness For Your Home & Business

As a business owner or local resident, it’s good to always be prepared for any weather events that may come your way. Do you know what you need for your emergency storm kit? What protects your home and what doesn’t? 

We have compiled some resources below to help you prepare your business and family. Be sure to always stay tuned to official sources for updates; social media is great for quick communication, but following official sources will ensure you always have the most up-to-date and accurate information to make the right preparedness calls.


  • Resources for your business 

  • Prepare for emergencies – Did you know that a quarter of small businesses don’t open following a disaster? Here are checklists you can use to make your business resilient as well as links to financial assistance, courtesy of the Small Business Administration. 

  • FEMA has both a step-by-step playbook for preparing your business and employees for a hurricane and other comprehensive checklists for disaster preparedness. 

  • Disaster Help Desk for Business—Businesses and chambers can call 1-888-My-Biz-Help for direct support from disaster recovery experts from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.
    Resilience in a Box—Resource guide from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce based on best practices designed to help educate business leaders on disaster preparedness and business resilience.
    Disaster Recovery Quick Guides— Made possible by Shell and from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, this has tailored tips for small businesses and chambers looking to prepare and recover.

Go local for your hurricane updates

We encourage those wanting information on weather events affecting our area of the coast to utilize local weather resources from our local news outlets in addition to popular national outlets like the Weather Channel. These local meteorology sources often bring a much more up-to-the-moment portrayal of what’s happening in our area.

Get your information first-hand from local, reputable, official sources – such as those listed below. Avoid social media, which can be full of misinformation. 

Important Information Resources:

South Carolina Hurricane Guide: Click here.

Media Resources:
The Island Packet 
The Bluffton Today


Government Resources

  • Emergency Broadcast Station: 97.3 KISS FM
  • Clear Channel: The River 98.7 FM
  • Cumulus Radio: WBMQ AM 630 and WEAS 93.1FM
  • Adventure Radio: WLOW 107.9 FM
  • Spanish Radio: Radio Del Sol WNFO 1430 AM
  • South Carolina Public Radio: 89.9 FM

Insurance and Hurricanes…What You Need to Know

Wind and Hail, waiting periods, contacting your agent during a disaster and more. Click here for top tips on Insurance and how to protect your home and family should a hurricane head our way.

Hurricane Facts

Do you know the difference between a storm surge and a storm tide and which one means trouble for our area? Should you evacuate on a hurricane watch or warning. Click here for a refresher course in the basics on hurricane intensity and hazards.

Do I evacuate and if so, how?

Low-lying areas like Beaufort County often require specific evacuation plans and timing. Know where to go and when to go.

Click here for evacuation maps for Beaufort County.

Click here for local shelter information.

Click here for current road conditions.


After a Weather Event:

When is re-entry safe? Where do I begin the clean up process? What can I expect from my insurance company. After a storm hits or even a near-miss, repairing the damage can be a confusing and time consuming process. Be prepared before danger strikes to ensure all goes well after the storm.


Recovery Information

  • American Red Cross Palmetto Service Center: (843) 757-7437
  • FEMA:
  • NOAA:
  • Small Business Administration:
  • Small Business Assistance Corporation:
  • SC Insurance News Service: (803) 252-3455
  • Chamber of Commerce: (843) 785-3673 • (800) 523-3373 •