PhysAssist Scribes, Inc.

PhysAssist Scribes, Inc. is currently looking for full time and part time candidates who are interested in gaining medical experience to join our team in Charleston. Our scribes work in the emergency department and provide real-time charting for physicians by shadowing them throughout their shifts.  This is NOT an internship; this is a real job with real responsibilities! This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to pursue a career in healthcare. Scribing allows you to shadow physicians and to get paid doing it, but it also gives you the opportunity to learn medical terminology and charting, putting you one step ahead of other candidates pursuing careers in healthcare. 


• At least 18 years of age
• Pre-health professional students with sophomore status or above preferred
• Minimum 2.5 GPA
• Proficient in English 
• Strong computer/typing skills

Other Requirements:
• Reliable, positive, and professional
• Highly motivated and experience driven
• Excellent multi-tasking, time management, and organizational skills 


As a scribe you will:
• Work side by side with physicians as they see patients
• Document the patient history and chief complaint
• Document the physical exam and procedures
• Record x-ray, lab, and diagnostic test results
• Prepare plans for follow-up care



Salary: $7.25-$9.43/hr

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