Hickory Tavern

Our unique brand of casual dining, lively bar atmosphere, and sports enthusiasm provides the perfect destination no matter what the time of day. Hickory Tavern is NOW HIRING for their store opening in Hilton Head Island, SC! Apply in person Mon-Fri 9am-6:30pm and Sat 9am-4pm at the new Hickory Tavern Hilton Head. You may also apply online at Careers.TheHickoryTavern.com. Hickory Tavern Hilton Head 44 Shelter Cove Ln Hilton Head Island, SC 29928 Are you ready to join our team? We are hiring for servers, cooks, hosts, and bartenders! If you are a hard working individual that is committed to excellent communication, teamwork and customer service, we want to meet you!


Serves food and beverages to Guests by following Hickory Taverns Ten Steps of Service • The Greet
• SMILE… Greet
every guest with beverage napkins within 60 seconds of being seated. Use a warm and sincere greeting with each guest and
make eye contact as you introduce yourself. Your Essentials Guide is the perfect tool to help the guest understand what
we have to offer.

• Deliver The Drinks
• Within three minutes drinks should be delivered to the guest.

• Tour The Menu (Specials & New Items)
• This is your chance to sell! Take the guest on a tour of what we have to
offer. Be sure to make planned stops at all of your favorite items. Pairing items is a great way to help your guest
navigate our extensive menu.
• Offer an appetizer by name.

• Writing Down The Order
• Write down the order using your pivot points. Listen carefully for all the details of
their order. Write down the complete order. Be sure to make note of all modifications. Always repeat the order back to
the guest.

• Placing The Order
• Remember to put in an accurate guest count and use the proper seat numbers. The order will
only be correct if it is rung in properly. Take your time and make sure your food is sent to the kitchen correctly. Send
appetizers first, under the seat number of the guest who ordered them. Ring in entrees once the appetizers have hit the
table. (there are some exceptions you will go over with your trainer)

• Food Delivery
• You are the final check. Is hot food hot? Is cold food cold? Does everything live up to Hickory
Tavern standards? If so, Proceed. Place the plates in front of the guest according to pivot points with the protein
facing the guest, stating the name of each dish as you set it down. Lastly, make sure the guest has everything they need
to enjoy their meal.

• 2 Minute Check Back
• Within two minutes check back with the guest to make sure everything meets their
expectations. If something isn’t correct now is our opportunity to make it right. Don’t just listen to what the guest
says, pay attention to body language. Some people hate to complain and will do their best to avoid confrontation. Check
backs should continue throughout the meal along with pro-active table maintenance.

• Offer Dessert By Name
• Offer a dessert and/or an after dinner drink by name. Be sure you know what desserts are
available so you never disappoint our guest. By bringing a dessert out using a slightly longer route you may help another
server make an additional sale.

• Present The Check
• Do not make the guest wait. A long wait to pay their tab can easily ruin an otherwise great
experience. Be sure to make change away from the table, giving the guest the proper amount of change. Please always
assume the guest wants their change back unless they specifically tell you not to.

• Goodbye And Thank You (By Name When Paid By A Credit Card)
• A sincere thank you is the only way to conclude a
fantastic guest experience. Always thank a guest by name whenever possible and invite the guest back in to see you.
Remember, how you say it will matter just as much as what you say.
Qualification Standards
• Ability to read and write English
• Reaches, bends, and stoops
• Stands/walks 100% of
• Make change and conduct credit card transactions
• Able to lift 25 pounds