Palmetto Sands Vacation Rentals


Cleaning grill grates with brush, swapping disposable grill pans, and wiping the exterior with grill cleaner. Verifying the propane tank is adequately full and “test” lighting the grill.  In some properties, operate a gas blower to clean debris from garages, or decks.  Generally, ensure the property is ready for guest arrival, in a clean and presentable manner to meet our quality standards. Verifying TV’s and internet are operating properly. Adjust configure cable television setup or remotes, replacing batteries, or calling Time Warner or Hargray for assistance if required if prior guests have changed the settings.  Perform “spot” cleaning if the cleaning crew missed something during the clean which is usually minimal if any. We call the cleaner to remediate any major issues they missed.  " Inspect bed linens (Comforters, etc.) and return any linens to the office for cleaning. Replace with clean bedding sets from the office. " Changing light bulbs in lamps or ceiling which may require using an extension pole, or a small step stool. " Inspecting and reorganizing kitchen drawers so they are presentable " Wiping bugs, pollen or other matter from outdoor lawnpool furniture "


Candidates must have good mobility for walking around properties, climbing stairs, and basic transportation with a clean driving record to perform property inspections.
Carry a 10 lb. bag of supplies tofrom the car.

When: Saturdays beginning in mid May through early September is our peak season. If someone is interested, we can use them nearly year around on Saturdays. The workday is 10am-­‐4pm. We can be somewhat flexible on the schedule and time where the person has other obligations. Core hours are from 10am-­‐2pm which is essential unless you are out of town, or otherwise can’t work on that weekend. We recognize everyone has weekend plans occasionally and do not expect everyone will be available every Saturday during the Summer. We appreciate some advanced notice on your plans to work on any given Saturday preferably one week in advance if possible, so we can plan our inspection schedule accordingly.


Call the office for additional details 843-689--5900 and ask for Dave or Paula

Start Date: April 30th, 2016