LCI-Lineberger Construction, Inc.

Quality Control Technician will ensure the quality of work performed on assigned projects meets the contract specifications and/or typical industry standards and ensure documentation of the quality control. QC Technician will also track material quantities and document them accurately. Description of Tasks: A. Check construction activities on assigned projects to ensure compliance with the plans and specifications. B. Inform the QC Manager of any work that is in noncompliance. C. Ensures that all testing required by the specification is performed. D. Ensures that tests are performed at the frequency stated in the specifications. E. Obtain required certifications as required in timely manner. F. Maintains a file and reports results of testing to QC Manager. G. Informs the QC Manager of deficiencies so that corrections can be made and retesting performed prior to any substandard work with additional material. H. Perform any special projects as requested. I. Track and reports construction material quantities.


Prerequisites For Position:
Formal Education: High school diploma or equivalent.
Skills Required:
a. SCDOT and CEPSCI Certifications for testing preferred but not necessary.
b. Strong communication skills.
c. Safe driving record and the ability to obtain security clearance.
d. Basic computer literacy using Microsoft Excel and Word.
e. Responsible, dedicated, dependable and punctual.
f. Self-motivated and able to work independently and cooperatively with others.
g. Organized, accurate and thorough with attention to detail.
h. Willing to learn and have a positive attitude
i. Knowledge and ability to perform mathematical skills (adding, subtracting, division,
multiplication, percentages and weights).
Previous Job Performance/Experience Required:
a. Prior experience in Quality Control or Construction is highly desired but not necessary


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Salary: Based on Experience

Start Date: Immediate Opening

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