Hilton Head Island Recreation Association


SCOPE: The Office Manager is responsible for overall office and administrative duties related to the daily business and HR function of the Hilton Head Island Recreation Association.  The position reports to the Executive Director and will be member of the executive management team.  The position will work closely with the Town of Hilton Head Island Finance Department. Essential Duties Finance/Bookeeping • Prepare accounts payables to submit for payment on a weekly basis. This includes ensuring the expenses are coded bills are paid in a timely manner to avoid fees, and disputing over charges. • Prepare time sheets along with the monitoring of over-time hour for submittal to the Town’s Finance Dept. on a bi-weekly basis.  • Manages the accounting needs at all community and youth events.  This requires working on Thanksgiving Day morning, at least 10 Saturdays and 3 Sundays throughout the year at events.  • Approve daily deposit reports to ensure coding accuracy, along with depositing into the bank. • Coordinate financial transactions with Finance Department at Town Hall to ensure proper procedures and accounting practices are followed. • Provide documentation and coding for all transactions in and out of all Association accounts.  This includes reconciling and coding credit card statements. General Administrative/Management • Directly supervise the Front Desk Manager.  This includes approving time off and covering the front desk as needed. Perform regular performance evaluations and take disciplinary action when necessary. • Work with the Executive Director to negotiate contracts and leases. • Provide general admin support for Executive Director.  • Keep all vehicle registrations up to date by submitting for tax emption status and going to DMV to get the annual plate stickers. Human Resources • Prepare and keep current new hire packets. Collect paperwork and submit to Town Hall. E-verify new employees within 3 days of hire. • Be plan administrator for all employee insurance benefits including health, dental, long term disability, and short term disability. Notify employees of any changes. • Maintain 401(k) and prepare biweekly contribution reports, year-end census report, year-end employer match report and 5500 report. • Stay up-to-date on current labor laws and keep Executive director informed. Ensure postings are current. • Keep record of employee eligibility dates and provide benefit packages as necessary. • Be knowledgeable about employee policies and procedures, advise managers, and suggest updates as needed. • Be plan administrator for all employee insurance benefits including health, dental, long term disability, short-term disability. Notify employees of any changes. • Keep employee files current and secure. 


Desired Skills and Requirements:
Bachelor's Degree in related field and 3-5 years of administrative experience 
South Carolina Notary License (may obtain after hire) 
Proficient in Microsoft Word Office 
Must have strong verbal and written communication skills
CPR/First Aid Certification (may obtain after hire)


Classification:  Exempt / Salary Range:  $30k –$ 40k annually plus benefits

Salary: 30,000-40,000

Start Date: March 1, 2016

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