PhysAssist Scribes Inc.

PhysAssist Scribes is dedicated to improving the personal and professional lives of physicians by allowing them to focus on what they do best - taking care of each patient. Our professional, well-trained, highly motivated scribes document the medical chart and improve the efficiency and flow of the emergency department, clinic, and hospital floor. As a scribe you will: Accompany the healthcare provider into patient examination rooms in order to transcribe the patient’s history, physical exam findings, consultations, labs, X-rays, and other evaluations, as stated by the provider, directly into the medical; record Maintain a comprehensive list of active patients to help the provider remain organized; Prepare plans for follow-up care, as directed by the provider; Process admission and discharge paperwork. This is NOT an internship or a volunteer opportunity. Scribing allows you to shadow healthcare providers and get paid doing it, while gaining rare clinical experiences that help you grow as a person and as a professional.- FAQ's:


● Highly motivated and experience-driven
● Pre-health track (pre-med, pre-PA, pre-nursing) preferred
● At least 18 years old and sophomore status or higher
● Preferred GPA of 2.8+
● No clinical experience required to apply
● Ability to move about and follow a healthcare provider for extended periods of time
● Ability to work in a stressful and fast-paced environment
● Ability to read, write, comprehend through listening, and speak fluent English
● Ability to operate a computer and/or laptop through proficient typing, clicking, and viewing a monitor for extended periods
● Ability to handwrite legibly -

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