Hargray Communications


Ensures continuity in subscriber telephone and cable TV service by installing, maintaining, testing, and repairing cable, terminal equipment, inside wiring and jacks, and other equipment. Facilitates timely service order processing by installing and connecting facilities. Splices, terminates, calculates load and tapping of aerial, buried, and submerged wire and cable according to standard practice, procedure, and company, governmental, and electrical specifications. Maintains, tests, locates, measures CATV strength and clears faults from aerial, buried, and submerged service wire or cable using test equipment from street to house. Installs telecommunications services by identifying and connecting correct wires in pedestal or on terminal block, or tap, installing temporary drop if possible, installing inside wiring with proper bonding of ground, connect TV and test, install HFC and optical equipment and test. Replaces and repairs visible faults in single line installations with efficient and logical problem determination; interprets test equipment readings accurately to localize line trouble. Communicates independently, effectively, clearly, and professionally with customers, outside technical staff, employees, supervisors and managers; establishes and maintains considerate and cooperative relationships with co-workers, supervisors and customers. Lifts and carries reels and measures and cuts wires to necessary lengths, climbs ladders and scaffolding, and reaches through frames to select individual wires; tests subscriber loops. Operates hand tools, including drills, saws, electric crimpers, grinders, and soldering irons, and test equipment, including Volt Ohm Meters (VOM), light wave test equipment, loop checkers, and test sets, according to procedures and safety guidelines. Maintains pedestals and taps as needed.  Reports any maintenance required to supervisor. Travels to sites as necessary and on demand via company vehicle, complying with traffic laws, safety rules, regulations, and practices; accesses cable, pedestals, and other equipment by climbing ladders, poles, and scaffolding, walking through muddy areas or brush and shrubbery, and digging. Maintains equipment, tools, and vehicles in working condition; submits and fills out necessary clerical forms such as time, mileage, gas tickets, and material and equipment charge outs. Performs other related duties as assigned to ensure effective operation of department.


High school graduate.    
2-3 years’ telephone or cable TV experience.
Ability to communicate effectively with customers, employees and management.
Valid driver’s license with history of safe driving record.
Knowledge of current industry related terminology and procedures and equipment.
Must possess the ability to work in confined spaces such as attics and crawlspaces. Must also be able to tolerate the environmental conditions associated with confined spaces.
Must be able to work from a ladder while using the required hand tools.
Additional Qualifications Desired:
Ability to read and interpret construction drawings.
Basic understanding of service order flow and process.
IPTV/ADSL Installation and Repair experience.
Understanding of RUS and Company construction standards and specifications.
Basic computer knowledge.
Basic electricity knowledge.

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