Hickory Tavern

Our unique brand of casual dining, lively bar atmosphere, and sports enthusiasm provides the perfect destination no matter what the time of day. Hickory Tavern is NOW HIRING for their store opening in Hilton Head Island, SC! Apply in person Mon-Fri 9am-6:30pm and Sat 9am-4pm at the new Hickory Tavern Hilton Head. You may also apply online at Careers.TheHickoryTavern.com. Hickory Tavern Hilton Head 44 Shelter Cove Ln Hilton Head Island, SC 29928 Are you ready to join our team? We are hiring for servers, cooks, hosts, and bartenders! If you are a hard working individual that is committed to excellent communication, teamwork and customer service, we want to meet you!


Greets all guest and performs the ten step of service guidelines for host at the Hickory Tavern
The 10 Steps of Service for Hosting
A genuine warm welcome helps set the tone for a guests dining experience in our restaurant. The first few moments of
interaction with a guest can make or break us. • Be on time and ready to work:
• It’s a good practice to be at
least 5 minutes early for your scheduled shift.
•Arrive in appropriate uniform
•Be present both physically and
mentally before and during shift. (make sure you are set up for success and prepared for a great shift)

• Welcome to Hickory Tavern with a smile:
•Smiles, energy and enthusiasm. You are on stage at all times; we want the
guest to feel like you are happy to see them.
•Always genuinely greet the guest first, and then inquire about party
size and seating preferences.
•Be sure you are always aware of the next table to be seated prior to guest entering the
restaurant. Making them wait while you determine a destination is not acceptable.

• Open the Door for everyone as they arrive:
•We want the guest to feel as if you are personally welcoming them into
your home
•We encourage you to position yourself near the door in order to easily engage with guests

• Answer phone within 3 rings:
•Identify yourself, the restaurant and a brief promotion in the initial greeting.
Such as: “We’re having a great day here at the Hickory Tavern (location here ), join us every Thursday for live music,
this is (your name here) how may I help you?”
•Speak in a clear, patient and energetic manner
•Demonstrate general
menu and restaurant knowledge when communicating with a potential guest (specials, events, type of cuisine, hours of
operation, directions, etc.)
• During the conversation, invite the guest to join us. (“hope to see you soon”, “we look
forward to seeing you”, “see you soon”)

• Escort the guest to the table:
•Bring menus, clean silverware roll ups and additional promotional inserts to the
table while seating a guest.
•Introduce yourself to guests as you show them to their table
•When walking a party to
their table let the guests set the pace (it’s not a race but there’s no need to walk in circles)
•Guest requests
supersede any seating or rotation conflicts.

• Seating the guest at their table:
•Allow the guest(s) to sit before placing the menus down in front of
•Ensure the party is satisfied with the table section (always have a plan b table in mind)
•Before leaving the
table, let them know the server will be right with them and wish them a great dining experience. For Example: “(name of
the server), will be taking care of you today/tonight, please enjoy your meal and (name of server) will be right with you”

• If not able to seat the guest immediately, set them up on a wait list:
•Apologize for the delay and ask if they
would like to be added to the wait
•Get the party name and size, seating preference; issue them a pager (if they do not
wish to offer a phone number for NoWait) and arrival time.
•Appropriately quote and monitor wait times for
•Gauge the demeanor of parties on the wait list and inform the manager of any needs or potential guest

• Incorporate the hostess loop during down time:
•Take Pride in your restaurant and help keep it clean
constant bathroom checks while someone is covering the door.(no trash on floors, paper products stocked, soap/towel
dispensers full and functional, counters wiped down)
•Keep Host stand and welcome area clean and organized. (no debris,
trash on floors, or dirty ledges and windows) See hostess running side work for more information.
•Be aware of what’s
going on in the restaurant (dirty tables, tables cashing out, etc.).

• Open the door for everyone as they exit:
•Using more of that on stage attitude, genuinely thank the guest for
dining with us.
Such As: “hope you guys had a great time with us”

• Invite the guest to come back:
•Always invite the guest back for more (events, sports, specials, parties,
•Thank you, have a great night/afternoon, we’ll see you again soon.
Qualification Standards
•Ability to read and write English
•Reaches, bends, and stoops
•Stands/walks 100% of
•Able to lift 25 pounds