Cross Schools

School Profile Located in the heart of Bluffton, South Carolina, Cross Schools was established in 1998 to serve a growing community and became its first independent grade school. In 1999, we welcomed our first students to 1st grade. Since then, we have expanded to our current campus and now educate over 400 students in Preschool through 8th grade. In addition to our day school program, we offer after school and summer camp programs.    At Cross Schools, we strive to uphold an atmosphere that is constantly stimulating children and creating a love of learning. Small classes, rigorous academics, various enrichment courses, community service, sports, and faith-based learning, help prepare our children to grow into collaborative thinkers with moral and spiritual principles. Each day our students, from the youngest to the oldest, are involved in activities focused on a commitment to know and serve our Lord.  Through Bible study, catechesis class, music, prayer and chapel, students are establishing a foundation for a life-long relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ. The school’s long-range plan includes the growth of the school from its current enrollment of just over 400 students to 600 students in preschool through 8th grade. This will allow us to have two classes at each grade K through 8, while maintaining the desired student/teacher ratios. We envision an additional wing and expanding the gymnasium to accommodate that growth and are evaluating the addition of a high school.   Furthermore, new fields and facilities would be developed to provide for growing athletic programs. 


Job Requirements

Promote and guard the Christian culture and Vision of the School
Lead, support, motivate and develop the senior administration, faculty and staff
Represent the school and its programs to the community and to personify the school
Guide the school in its efforts to achieve its growth objectives and lead the process in evaluating the potential addition of a high school
Work closely with the Board of Trustees and the Heads of the Lower and Middle School and Preschool to refine and implement the strategic direction of the school

Minimum Qualifications
Acknowledge Jesus Christ as Savior
Believe and actively support the school’s Statement of Faith
10-15 years prior relevant experience
Masters in Education Administration or equivalent

Salary: Based on Experience

Start Date: August 2017

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