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Business Roundtable: Grow Now, Learn How
Tuesday, September 16, 2014
8am-10am Roundtable Sessions
10-11am Hot Topics Discussions
Hilton Head Island-Bluffton Chamber of Commerce Boardroom, 1 Chamber of Commerce Drive, Hilton Head Island

Roundtable, rotating short discussions on leading your business to success. Topics include legal, management, human resources, accounting, marketing and financing. Free, Open to the Public. Ideal for managers, owners or entrepreneurs in new or emerging businesses to focus the whole-health of their business. RSVP required-CLICK HERE TO RSVP.

Presented by: SCORE, Hilton Head Island-Bluffton Chamber of Commerce, US Small Business Administration, USCB Small Business Center, Don Ryan Center for Innovation

The tables will be short 15-20 minute sessions.
7:45am-8am:  Registration
8am: Welcome, Introductions of table topics and discussion leaders
8:30-8:50:  Session 1
8:55-9:15  :Session 2
9:20-9:40:  Session 3
9:45-10:00am: Session 4
10:15-11am :  Optional HOT TOPICS session in the boardroom on topics we may not have covered, or want more information about

Business Leadership
This roundtable will cover the basic mindset and needed skills for managing or running a small business. Managing employees, work/life balance, compensating yourself, time-management are a few topics to be discussed.

People Power : Human Resources at a glance  
This roundtable will discuss the power of human resources in your business. Hiring, firing, employee handbooks, employee promotion and training, and much more!

Show Me The Money
This roundtable will discuss the different challenges and opportunities of financing your small business. What are lenders looking for on loan applications? What are my financing options? What sources of available capital are there for my business?

Marketing: The 4 P’s and Beyond
This roundtable will discuss traditional, social and digital marketing options for your business. It will cover the basics of understanding your target market to innovative social and digital marketing strategies for your businesss’ product, place, promotion and pricing.

Uncle Sam and Your Business William Furman, Senior Area Manager, US Small Business Administration
This roundtable will discuss government contracting and available options for loans, contracts and other mentoring resources.

Legal pitfalls for your business
This roundtable will discuss best-practices for businesses on a variety of topics from accounting/taxes, human resources and insurance.

Developing your ideas and strategy: David Nelems, Don Ryan Center For Innovation
This roundtable will discuss how mission statements, strategies and idea development to grow your business. A great topics for entrepreneurs and innovators!

Successful Business Management and Accounting
This roundtable will explain how a manager or business owner can use financial and accounting information to read and access the overall health of their business. What does a balance sheet or P&L statement say about your business?

Strategy for Buying and Selling Your Business Pat Cameron, Business Consultant, USC Small Business Development Center
This roundtable will discuss when is the right time to sell your business and how you place a value on it. Also, for anyone thinking of buying an existing business, there is a checklist of what you should be looking for.

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