Hilton Head Health


As a unique destination spa, Hilton Head Health is the best opportunity to provide exceptional learning and training experiences for Hospitality professionals. The curriculum will expose the intern to all of the H3 sectors of customer service. The Hospitality Associate can expect guidance and support from a highly trained professional staff with expertise in the Hospitality field. Specifically, the Hospitality Associate will be supervised and mentored by the General Manager. Our intention is to extend and expand the intern’s education. While providing opportunities for them to reinforce their strengths, interns will also address and strengthen weaker areas. Ideally, this will allow the intern to participate in an extensive learning opportunity. The intern’s professional development is the emphasis of the H3 Internship Program. Responsibilities will be educationally value-added. Assignments will be driven by answering the question, “How will the intern be educated in this area – how will this give them better understanding and render them more marketable?” We intend for the intern to be exposed to the myriad of concepts and responsibilities that result in the program’s success.


Students must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate Hospitality degree program.


This internship is a full-time, temporary, non-exempt position, paid at an hourly rate of $7.25. You will be housed in an H3 managed unit, close to the facility, and will be part of the H3 meal plan (lunch and dinner daily). There will be a weekly payroll deduction of $100 for the housing and meal plan. Payroll is distributed every other Friday and is subject to applicable taxes. As a temporary employee, you will not be eligible for full-time benefits.


Please email Stacie Colella at jobs@hhhealth.com in order to receive an application for this internship position.

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