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GNC General Nutrition Centers

We're here for you, Bluffton. The GNC team is not only devoted to helping you live a healthier lifestyle through our range of nutritional supplements, but we're also here to provide the advice and guidance needed to make the right choices when selecting the most appropriate health products for your needs. As pioneers in the nutritional supplement industry, we're dedicated... Learn More

Hilton Head Health

Hilton Head Health (H3), America’s premier weight loss spa, offers fine dining experiences and interactive cooking classes in its open-concept H3 Healthy Kitchen. With an explosion of authentic flavors from around the world, you would never guess that dining in the H3 Healthy Kitchen is actually healthy for you! Whether looking for an entertaining dining experience or to get your hands... Learn More

Jakkie Pidanick Inc., Personal Training

As a fitness trainer, I have the ability to have a positive influence on people’s lives. I enjoy shaping my client’s bodies as well as their nutritional habits and seeing these transformations occur right before my eyes. Stronger, healthier people mean happy people…and what could be more rewarding than that!... Learn More