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Greenbug, Inc.

 Greenbug manufactures and sells Greenbug pest control solutions using cedar as the active ingredient.  Just like cedar chests and closets where you never see a bug, Greenbug products for People, Pets, Indoors and Outdoors control pests you do not want like mosquitoes, no-see-ems, fleas, ants, ticks, garden pests - even head lice and bed bugs! Their patent-pending invention, the Greenbug System, allows your irrigation system... Learn More

Hilton Head Health

 As the number one Weight Loss and Wellness Resort in the US, Hilton Head Health understands what it takes to lead a healthier, happier and longer life. It’s about nutrition, but it’s also about nurturing. It’s about fitness, but it’s also about fun. It’s about self-transformation, but it’s also about support and community. Whether you’re interested in losing weight or... Learn More

Jakkie Pidanick Inc., Personal Training

As a fitness trainer, I have the ability to have a positive influence on people’s lives. I enjoy shaping my client’s bodies as well as their nutritional habits and seeing these transformations occur right before my eyes. Stronger, healthier people mean happy people…and what could be more rewarding than that!... Learn More

John P. Batson, MD, FACSM/Lowcountry Spine & Sport, LLC

Lowcountry Spine & Sport is a unique medical practice specializing in the evaluation and treatment of spine disorders (neck and back pain) and sports medicine. They are committed to providing this care in a compassionate and professional environment. They value your time and schedule patients appropriately and provide you with exceptional care beyond typical expectations. Experience the difference, experience Lowcountry... Learn More