An Advocate for the Business Community

Business moves at light speed these days.  If you’ve ever felt challenged when it comes to keeping up with what’s happening in government that impacts your business, you’re not alone. Often a quick scan of the local daily headlines is all your schedule allows.

For the past 55 years your chamber has been an advocate for the business community.  We’ve worked hard over the years to ensure that you have a seat at the table and a voice in the debate on issues that impact your business.  In the past month we’ve met with Governor Haley to discuss what matters to the Lowcountry and we’ve discussed what’s happening in Columbia with Representative Andy Patrick. We’ve also had chamber representation at every Town Council meeting for both Hilton Head Island and Bluffton as well as County Council meetings.  Decisions are being made at the government level and we are actively engaged and informed about government’s role in your business and in our community.

In the coming weeks you’ll be receiving informational email briefs that give you a succinct, easy-to-digest read on what we’re hearing and seeing that makes a difference to the business community.  Take the time to take a look.  We believe the information will help you stay informed.

We’ve added a few twists to this week’s Monday Morning Briefing including a new section called “Member to Member.”  Our number one source of great ideas is you, our members, and we’re glad to have this venue for sharing some of your ideas and advice on how you’re maximizing your chamber membership.  If you’d like to submit your input for this section, send us an email and we’re glad to publish it in an upcoming issue.

Your chamber is a busy place and it’s a challenge to communicate the myriad of things we do on a daily basis on behalf of the business community.  We’ve received strong feedback on last week’s issue in which we offered up a brief sampling on what’s taken place at the chamber over the last few weeks. It garnered enough feedback from our membership that it’s something we’ll be adding to the briefing on a more regular basis.

Thanks for your feedback and ideas and keep them coming!


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